Stavanger, Norway

The Norwegian city of Stavanger has everything you need for a summer weekend getaway.

Stavanger, on the west coast of Norway is a hidden gem, just a one-hour flight from Edinburgh with Loganair. Nestled among stunning fjords, it’s surrounded by spectacular scenery and is home to a rich Scandinavian culture. With plenty to do in such a small area, there is so much for you to embrace in the best bits of Stavanger.

Flights from Edinburgh with Loganair arrive in Stavanger by late morning so you can quickly get to know this historic city on your first day. You don’t have to worry about walking far after your flight because the centre of Stavanger is compact and easy to navigate on foot. You can wander around the old part of town and gaze up at the Nordic architecture with its array of beautifully-preserved wooden houses. If you’re in full relaxation mode, then feel free to stay where you are and relax in your hotel before ambling just a few streets away for a delicious Scandinavian feast of world-class smoked salmon or trout.

Pulpit Rock

Surrounded by titanic fjords, a trip to Stavanger wouldn’t be complete without an adventure around stunning Lysefjord. Take a boat trip through the azure waters to see the sparkling waterfalls. To really appreciate Lysefjord, get into the wilderness with a hike up famous Pulpit Rock (pictured) – named by Lonely Planet as the top viewing platform in the world. This naturally-created plateau stands 604 metres above sea level, offering panoramic views across the breathtaking fjord below. There are lots of hiking tours that will lead you to the best viewpoints before catching the boat back  to Stavanger.

Stavanger has lots of eateries to tempt you and satisfy your hunger after a day spent hiking. It has everything from Michelin star-rated restaurant Sabi Omakase – serving 18 courses of delectable sushi – to the more traditional restaurants serving typical Norwegian food for a more authentic tasting experience. If you’re a real foodie, consider making your trip at the end of July when the city is transformed for the Gladmat Food Festival. Bringing quality ingredients and interesting recipes together, it’s the largest Scandinavian food festival so a definite must if you’re a fan of the cuisine.

With frequent and direct flights from Edinburgh to Stavanger for as little as £70 each way, western Norway is ideally located for a long weekend away, especially if getting into the great outdoors is your thing. Once you arrive it’s easy to get around, and you can enjoy a quick summer escape.

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