Fever-Tree Bar opens at Edinburgh Airport

Fever-Tree, the world’s leading premium mixer brand, has opened its first-ever premium bar and café at Edinburgh airport.

Located in Edinburgh Airport airside, the Fever-Tree Bar and Café features 51 seats situated below and around a beautiful tree canopy, creating a simple yet sophisticated space for travellers to relax and elevate their drinking and dining experience prior to their flight. 

Edinburgh Airport is Scotland’s busiest airport, flying to more than 150 destinations. The Fever-Tree Bar and Café has opened ahead of the airport’s busy summer months. It is estimated that over 40,000 mixed drinks will be served to domestic and international travellers in the first year. 

A perfectly paired drinks and small plates menu

The bar’s drinks menu has been designed to showcase the very best long mixed drinks pairing Fever-Tree’s award-winning range of mixers with expertly-selected spirits, alongside a selection of beer, wine and bubbles. It brings to life Fever-Tree’s mantra, “if ¾ of your drink is the mixer, mix with the best”, demonstrating the brand’s philosophy of never compromising when it comes to creating the best tasting mixers to enhance the world’s best spirits. 

Reflecting the growing popularity of spirits, the menu will help travellers discover their new favourite mixed drink with spirits from local and international distilleries – from Gin & Tonics or Highballs and Mules, to Spritzes, Palomas and more.

Fever-Tree’s unwavering spirit for excellence also transcends to its breakfast and small plates menu, made with local and seasonal ingredients and perfectly paired with each long-mixed drink. Hero dishes include gin and whisky-cured smoked Scottish salmon and chorizo cooked in Fever-Tree’s award-winning Ginger Ale, as well as Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic marinated olives, the ultimate bar snack. 

Bringing nature into the bar

Working with renowned designers Russell Sage Studio, the Fever-Tree Bar and Café has been designed to bring nature to an elegant bar space to welcome travellers far and wide to turn the lull of waiting for a flight into a relaxing moment with refreshing mixed drinks and sophisticated space to settle in. The lighting and furnishings have been selected to reflect the natural world that Fever-Tree has long worked with to source its ingredients for its mixers.

Every Fever-Tree mixer served at the bar is carbon neutral, as part of its commitment to work with nature, not against it.

Gordon Dewar, Chief Executive of Edinburgh Airport said:“Build back better they say. When our retailers had to close due to the pandemic, we focused on doing just that – and what’s better than welcoming new partners and new concepts to the airport to deliver a fantastic passenger experience? Adding Fever-Tree is the perfect tonic. Exciting? Of course. Better? Of course!”

The Fever-Tree Bar and Café will be open daily at Edinburgh Airport airside, from 4am-11pm.

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