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Winter 2019 edition now available!

The airport had a bumper month in August, with nearly 1.5m passengers passing through. It’s the busiest August we’ve had, and much of it is down to the investment we’ve made, and of course, the Edinburgh Festival might have helped too!

 In this issue of Capital magazine you’ll find loads to inspire you both in Scotland and further afield.

The Borders region of Scotland is often overlooked, but it’s less than an hour from the centre of Edinburgh, and has so much to offer. We look at some of the key towns along the River Tweed.

Foraging, or searching for food, is as old as the hills, but it’s enjoying a renaissance in a restaurant near you, with found ingredients such as mushrooms and herbs making an appearance on dinner plates. Editor Neil Braidwood speaks to three foraging fans on page 10.

The rise of the aparthotel is upon us, and with Edinburgh leading the way, we take a look at some of the best on offer on page 22. 

In a new, occasional page, Rachel Wood from Rare Birds Book Club has come up with some suggestions for travel reading on page 32. 

Robin McKelvie took the family to Disneyland Paris, and he passes on some of his top tips to you, so there are no tears on the day. Get clued up on page 44. 

Of course, it’s not just Edinburgh that has a monopoly on festivals – although it is the biggest! On page 48, we round up some other famous festivals, from the Day of the Dead in Mexico, to India’s Festival of Colour. If you plan ahead, you could do a round the world trip taking them all in!

Lastly, if you hate lying on the beach when you’re on holiday, we have the perfect antidote – enter a marathon. We’re serious – some of the most iconic cities in the world hold impressive races, and we round up some of the best. What’s more, you can fly direct from Edinburgh.

Enjoy the journey.
Rob Lang, Head of Marketing

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